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Downgrade from Aerospike Database 7.0


Downgrading from server 7.0 forces a cold start.

Configuration changes

  1. All persisted CDT map indexes (not secondary indexes on CDT) must be removed from the cluster by the application before any nodes are downgraded. This can be achieved by applying a Map set_type operation with the persistIndex Map policy set to false.

  2. The write-block-size default in server 7.0 is 8MB for in-memory storage. To keep the storage-backed data, you must use a write-block-size of 8M. If you restart the node empty, you can use any value.

  3. Clean up the data shared memory stripes (prefix: '0xad') because they will be ignored by the older server code and consume memory. The forced cold start fills memory the old way and you end up with both copies of the memory if you don't clean up first.

    ipcs | grep ^0xad | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -i ipcrm -M {}
  4. Before you downgrade from server 7.0, verify that the number of bins does not exceed the pre-7.0 limit. There is no bin limit per namespace in server 7.0, but earlier versions have the following bin limits:

    • 64 * 1024 - 1 at the namespace level.
    • 32 * 1024 - 1 at the per-record level.
  5. Before you downgrade from server 7.0, verify that the number of sets does not exceed 1023. The limit for the number of sets increased from 1023 to 4095 in server 7.0. To check the number of sets in a namespace use the asinfo command:

    asinfo -v sets/$namespace -l | wc -l
  6. The downgrading server configuration option has been removed in server 7.0. If XDR bin convergence is used, you cannot downgrade directly from server 7.0 to a version prior to server 5.4. You must first downgrade to server 5.5 or 5.4, and then downgrade to an earlier version. For more information, see downgrading.

  7. You can downgrade to any supported server version (currently server 6.1 and later). To downgrade to older versions, first consult the specific downgrade instructions for your desired version. We encourage enterprise customers to open a case with Aerospike support.