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Install on Docker

1. Clone the examples repository

Clone the proximus-examples repo to download a collection of configuration files and Docker Compose.

git clone && \
cd proximus-examples/docker

2. Verify AVS feature-key

Ensure that your feature-key file features.conf is in ./config/ and includes the vector-service feature, as shown in the following example. Without that service, AVS will not start. This same feature key can be used for starting Aerospike.

# generated 2024-02-23 19:31:59

feature-key-version 2
serial-number 12345

account-name Your Company
account-ID vector-trial

valid-until-date 2025-01-15

asdb-change-notification true
asdb-cluster-nodes-limit 0
asdb-compression true
asdb-encryption-at-rest true
asdb-flash-index true
asdb-ldap true
asdb-pmem true
asdb-rack-aware true
asdb-secrets true
asdb-strong-consistency true
asdb-vault true
asdb-xdr true
database-recovery true
elasticsearch-connector true
graph-service true
mesg-jms-connector true
mesg-kafka-connector true
presto-connector true
pulsar-connector true
spark-connector true
vector-service true

----- SIGNATURE ------------------------------------------------
MEY... ...mJA==
----- END OF SIGNATURE -----------------------------------------

3. Start the Aerospike database

You need a running Aerospike database before you can use AVS.

docker run -d \
--name aerospike-cluster \
--network svc \
-p 3000-3003:3000-3003 \
-v ./config:/etc/aerospike aerospike/aerospike-server-enterprise: \
--config-file /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf

The Aerospike database must include a namespace for AVS internal system data storage and at least one namespace for vector and AVS index storage. See Configure Aerospike Database for AVS for more information.

4. Start AVS

When your Aerospike database is up and running, you can start AVS.

docker run -d \
--name aerospike-proximus \
--network svc \
-p 5000:5000 \
-p 5040:5040 \
-v ./config:/etc/aerospike-proximus \

You can now connect applications to AVS on port 5000.

Docker Compose

As an alternative to the steps above, you can use Docker Compose with all of the example applications. In any example application folder, simply run the docker-compose file to start the Aerospike database, AVS, and the example application.

docker-compose up -d