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Error Codes

This page describes the error codes that are returned from both client and server. In general, error codes greater than 0 are server-generated errors, and error codes less than 0 are client-generated errors. There are some exceptions like AEROSPIKE_ERR_TIMEOUT (9), which is generated by both client and server.

Client Errors

Here are the error code tables for some of the main client libraries:

Server Errors

The server error codes range from 1 to 255.

The server error codes are roughly categorized as:

  • 1-49 - basic server errors
  • 50-99 - security specific errors
  • 100-109 - UDF specific errors
  • 150-159 - batch specific errors
  • 160-169 - GEO specific errors
  • 200-219 - secondary index specific errors

The server log typically provides additional detail on the error at hand.

ValueDefineNotesNew in Version
0AS_OKNo error.
1AS_ERR_UNKNOWNUnknown server error.
2AS_ERR_NOT_FOUNDNo record is found with the specified namespace/set/key combination. Verify that the correct namespace/set/key is passed in.
3AS_ERR_GENERATIONAttempt to modify a record with unexpected generation. This happens on a read-modify-write situation where concurrent write requests collide and only one wins.
4AS_ERR_PARAMETERIllegal parameter sent from client. Verify that client parameters are supported by the current server version.
5AS_ERR_RECORD_EXISTSFor write requests which specify 'CREATE_ONLY', request fail because record already exists.
6AS_ERR_BIN_EXISTSCreate-only operation applied to a bin that already exists.
7AS_ERR_CLUSTER_KEY_MISMATCHOn scan requests, the scan terminates because cluster is in migration. Only occurs when client requested 'fail_on_cluster_change' policy on scan.
8AS_ERR_OUT_OF_SPACEOccurs when stop-writes is true (either memory - stop-writes-pct or indexes-memory-budget). Can also occur if memory cannot be allocated anymore, but stop-writes should in general hit first. Namespace will no longer be able to accept write requests.
9AS_ERR_TIMEOUTRequest was not completed during the allocated time, thus aborted.
10AS_ERR_ALWAYS_FORBIDDENWrite request is rejected because XDR configuration does not allow it. Only occurs when namespace configuration items allow-xdr-writes or allow-nonxdr-writes are false.EE
11AS_ERR_UNAVAILABLEPartition unavailable (Strong Consistency mode). Will also be returned in AP mode when a transaction is received on an orphan node (a node that separated from a cluster) or, for versions prior to 4.5.2, during the initial balance for a very short time after a node joins a cluster.
12AS_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_TYPEOperation is not allowed due to data type or namespace configuration incompatibility. For example, append to a float data type, or insert a non-integer when namespace is configured as data-in-index.
13AS_ERR_RECORD_TOO_BIGAttempt to write a record larger than the configured max-record-size. See Known Limitations
14AS_ERR_KEY_BUSYToo many concurrent operations (> transaction-pending-limit) on the same record.
15AS_ERR_SCAN_ABORTScan aborted by user on Server.
16AS_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_FEATUREThis feature currently is not supported.
17AS_ERR_BIN_NOT_FOUNDUpdate-only operation applied to a bin that does not exist.
18AS_ERR_DEVICE_OVERLOADWrite request is rejected because storage device is not keeping up.
19AS_ERR_KEY_MISMATCHFor update request on records which has key stored, the incoming key does not match the existing stored key. This indicates a RIPEMD160 key collision, and has never happened.
20AS_ERR_NAMESPACEThe passed in namespace does not exist on cluster, or no namespace parameter is passed in on request.
21AS_ERR_BIN_NAMEBin name length greater than 14 characters, or maximum number of unique bin names are exceeded.
22AS_ERR_FORBIDDENOperation not allowed at this time.
23AS_ERR_ELEMENT_NOT_FOUNDTarget was not found for operations that requires a target to be found.
24AS_ERR_ELEMENT_EXISTSTarget already exist for operations that requires the target to not exist.
25AS_ERR_ENTERPRISE_ONLYAttempting Enterprise functionality on Community build.EE
26AS_ERR_OP_NOT_APPLICABLEOperation isn't able to be applied to the current contents of the bin.
27AS_ERR_FILTERED_OUTFilter expression indicated to not return this record.
28AS_ERR_LOST_CONFLICTIndicates that the client write lost to a conflicting write by XDR. This can happen when bin convergence is on and XDR wrote a later version of the record compared to the client write.5.4.0
50AS_SEC_OK_LASTEnd of security response. No error.EE
51AS_SEC_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTEDSecurity functionality not supported by connected server.EE
52AS_SEC_ERR_NOT_ENABLEDSecurity functionality not enabled by connected server.EE
53AS_SEC_ERR_SCHEMESecurity scheme not supported.EE
54AS_SEC_ERR_COMMANDUnrecognized security command.EE
55AS_SEC_ERR_FIELDField is not valid.EE
56AS_SEC_ERR_STATESecurity protocol not followed.EE
60AS_SEC_ERR_USERNo user supplied or unknown user.EE
61AS_SEC_ERR_USER_EXISTSUser already exists.EE
62AS_SEC_ERR_PASSWORDPassword does not exists or not recognized.EE
64AS_SEC_ERR_FORBIDDEN_PASSWORDForbidden password (e.g. recently used).EE
65AS_SEC_ERR_CREDENTIALInvalid credential or credential does not exist.EE
66AS_SEC_ERR_EXPIRED_SESSIONExpired session token.EE
70AS_SEC_ERR_ROLENo role(s) or unknown role(s).EE
71AS_SEC_ERR_ROLE_EXISTSRole already exists.EE
72AS_SEC_ERR_PRIVILEGEPrivilege is invalid.EE
73AS_SEC_ERR_WHITELISTSpecified IP whitelist is invalid.EE
74AS_SEC_ERR_QUOTAS_NOT_ENABLEDQuotas not enabled on the server.EE 5.6
75AS_SEC_ERR_QUOTAInvalid quota specified.EE 5.6
80AS_SEC_ERR_NOT_AUTHENTICATEDUser must be authenticated before performing database operations.EE
81AS_SEC_ERR_ROLE_VIOLATIONUser does not possess the required role to perform the database operation.EE
82AS_SEC_ERR_NOT_WHITELISTEDClient IP address is not on the IP whitelist.EE
83AS_SEC_ERR_QUOTA_EXCEEDEDQuota currently exceeded.EE 5.6
90AS_SEC_ERR_LDAP_NOT_ENABLEDLDAP feature not enabled on server.EE
94AS_SEC_ERR_LDAP_QUERYError querying LDAP server.EE
100AS_ERR_UDF_EXECUTIONA User-Defined Function (UDF) failed to execute.
150AS_ERR_BATCH_DISABLEDBatch functionality has been disabled by configuring batch-index-thread to
152AS_ERR_BATCH_QUEUES_FULLAll batch queues are full.3.6.0
160AS_ERR_GEO_INVALID_GEOJSONGeoJSON is malformed or not supported.3.7.0
200AS_ERR_SINDEX_FOUNDSecondary index already exists.
201AS_ERR_SINDEX_NOT_FOUNDSecondary index does not exist.
202AS_ERR_SINDEX_OOMSecondary index memory space exceeded.
203AS_ERR_SINDEX_NOT_READABLESecondary index not available for query. Occurs when indexing creation has not finished.
204AS_ERR_SINDEX_GENERICGeneric secondary index error.
205AS_ERR_SINDEX_NAMEIndex name maximum length exceeded.
206AS_ERR_SINDEX_MAX_COUNTMaximum number of indices exceeded.
210AS_ERR_QUERY_USER_ABORTSecondary index query aborted.
211AS_ERR_QUERY_QUEUE_FULLSecondary index queue full.
212AS_ERR_QUERY_TIMEOUTSecondary index query timed out on server.
213AS_ERR_QUERY_CBGeneric query error.
214AS_ERR_QUERY_NET_IOGeneric query error. Query is aborted.
215AS_ERR_QUERY_DUPLICATEInternal error.