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Aerospike Prometheus Exporter 1.16.0 Release Notes

February 27, 2024

Description & Highlights

Aerospike Prometheus Exporter 1.16.0 fixes some issues and adds support for some key system metrics, new cloud metrics, and native OpenTelemetry (OTEL) support.


This release removes support for job metrics.

Breaking Changes

In version 1.16.0, the Aerospike Prometheus Exporter configuration file ape.toml includes the following new line under the [Agent] section: PROMETHEUS = true

If you are upgrading to version 1.16.0 from a previous release, or if you deploy a templated version of ape.toml, you must add PROMETHEUS = true under the [Agent] section following the upgrade or prior to deploying the file. See Configuring Aerospike Prometheus Exporter for more information.

This issue will be fixed in a patch release. It is recommended that you do not use Aerospike Prometheus Exporter 1.16.0.


  • Adds key Node Exporter metrics such as open file descriptors, network packet retransmissions, and network bytes received and transferred. [OM-155]

  • Native OTEL implementation allows users to integrate with third-party observability tools using OTEL, including gRPC endpoints to push metrics directly from Node Exporter. [OM-161]

  • Adds a cloud provider configuration to fetch key details such as location, region, and availability zone. [OM-165]

Bug fixes

  • Regex was not being applied correctly for storage-engine.* metrics in the allowlist and blocklist. [OM-164]