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Special upgrade instructions for Aerospike Server 6.3

Aerospike Database server 6.3 gates the following server features with a feature key: XDR, index in Flash (All Flash), Vault integration, and Rack Awareness.

  • New feature-key files with these explicit entitlements have been reissued to existing customers through their portal.
  • If you are a current Enterprise Edition customer, check that your feature-key file has these feature keys before you upgrade to server 6.3 or later.
  • The new feature-key files are compatible with server versions 5.4 and later that use feature key version 2.
Feature KeyFunctionalityNotes
asdb-flash-indexFlash index (Flash sindex)Ability to configure index-type to flash
asdb-xdrXDRDistinct from the asdb-change-notification feature-key, which is needed to set connector=true.
asdb-vaultVault integrationAbility to fetch configuration from vault: or configure vault-url
asdb-rack-awareRack AwarenessAbility to deploy rack-aware clusters

Important pre-upgrade considerations


Always review the special upgrade instructions of the interim server releases between the current version of your cluster and the target version.

Changes and updates

For information about new features, breaking changes, and late breaking news, see the 6.3 server release notes.