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Aerospike Database Requirements

Aerospike Tools are intended to run on 64-bit Linux distributions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux and others. Please read the release notes for information about the required versions.


Beginning with server version 5.1, Aerospike Database requires the libcurl shared library. The table below shows several common Linux distributions and the corresponding packages providing libcurl.

Linux distributionlibcurl package name
Amazon Linux 2023libcurl
Debian 11libcurl4
Debian 12libcurl4
RHEL 8 (el8)libcurl
RHEL 8 (el8)libcurl-minimal
RHEL 9 (el9)libcurl
RHEL 9 (el9)libcurl-minimal
Ubuntu 20.04libcurl4
Ubuntu 22.04libcurl4